• Open and compression molded
  • Custom shapes & sizes
  • Ability to cast to metal substrates
  • Custom tailored formulations
  • Multiple color options
  • Ability to produce parts up to 18 feet long
  • Prototype development & testing
  • Specializing in small to medium sized production quantities 


  • Multi station dispensing system
  • Curing ovens ranging from 8 to 1280 cubic feet
  • Two hot tables

Material: High-performing brands and urethane.

Brand and urethane: Adiprene, Andur, Vibrathane, Custom Blended and Filled, PPDI Urethane, Aliphatic Urethane, Polyether, Polyester, Polycaprolactone elastomers ranging in durometers between 15 Shore A to 85 Shore D.

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